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April 14, 2013

Passive House Standard – the Leading Standard in Energy-Efficiency

EU Sustainable Energy Week 24-28 June 2013.

EUSEW_Passivehouse-IGUA_2013Ukrainian Initiative Group Passive House provides free seminar 27.06.2013 “Passive House Standard – the Leading Standard in Energy-Efficiency.”

Number of participants is limited to class.

Please Book your seat in advance Register on our site!

http://www.phtrain.passivehouse-igua . com / e-mail: admin (at)phtrain.passivehouse-igua . com

Passive House -IGUA Sustainable Energy Week 2013 event: free workshop 27 June 2013

After the global energy crisis in 1974 in the world of construction and architectural practice great attention is paid to saving energy resources that are spent for heating buildings. At the present rate of use of natural energy sources (oil, gas and coal), they may already be over the next 50 years.

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November 24, 2012

Putting Passive House to the Test! Pt. 15 – THERM testing wall studs

Sourse: The Small Planet Workshop Blog by Harmony Counsellor

Last posting I had played with materials and found the kind of insulation that I want to use at this point.  This week I took those materials and put them into THERM, the free 2D heat transfer modeling software from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, to see if there would be a significant difference between using steel studs or wood studs.

I am interested in using steel studs for a couple of reasons – they will be lighter and with this being a travel trailer saving weight makes for a better build.  Steel studs are also stronger than wood.  Other considerations include the fact they don’t warp, rot, and also come with pre-cut holes for utility runs.  But steel studs do conduct heat more than wood studs and with this project trying to become a Passive House I need to consider that.

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