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November 24, 2012

Putting Passive House to the Test! Pt. 15 – THERM testing wall studs

Sourse: The Small Planet Workshop Blog by Harmony Counsellor

Last posting I had played with materials and found the kind of insulation that I want to use at this point.  This week I took those materials and put them into THERM, the free 2D heat transfer modeling software from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, to see if there would be a significant difference between using steel studs or wood studs.

I am interested in using steel studs for a couple of reasons – they will be lighter and with this being a travel trailer saving weight makes for a better build.  Steel studs are also stronger than wood.  Other considerations include the fact they don’t warp, rot, and also come with pre-cut holes for utility runs.  But steel studs do conduct heat more than wood studs and with this project trying to become a Passive House I need to consider that.

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November 24, 2012

17 International Passive House Conference 2013

17 – 21 April 2013 – Congress Center Frankfurt am Main

Passive House – a solid foundation for the energy revolution

All too often, discussions about energy run more along the lines of “nuclear or coal”, thus bypassing potential sustainable solutions. The approach to today’s energy questions must instead focus “energy efficiency and renewables”. For such solutions, Passive House stands as the exemplary guiding concept. We invite you to submit a contribution for the 17th International Passive House Conference…more