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June 3, 2011

The Energy Revolution – with the Passive House Standard

Press Release 28 May 2011

by Passive House Institute, Germany

The Energy Revolution – with the Passive House Standard: Experts convene in Innsbruck at the weekend

More than 1,200 participants from more than 50 countries will meet to discuss sustainable solutions at the world’s important convention for energy-efficient construction in Innsbruck. Eight plenary talks, 72 presentations, 30 poster presentations and a freely accessible components exhibition will round off the event.

Innsbruck, 28.05.2011 – While the rest of the world discusses ways to solve the energy supply problem, more than 80 experts at International Passive House Conference this weekend in Innsbruck will demonstrate how even today the energy consumption in the building sector can be reduced by around 80%. 16 working groups (German/English/French) will look at the regional implementation of the Standard and discuss topics like refurbishments, heat supply, non-residential constructions and economic efficiency. Deputy Governor Anton Steixner, local Councillor Hans Haller, Vice Principal Arnold Klotz of the University of Innsbruck and Theodor Zillner of the Federal Ministry of Transport Innovation and Technology in Austria will inaugurate the Conference on Friday.

From the left: Engelbert Spieß (Neue Heimat Tirol), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist (Passive House Institute/Innsbruck University, Deputy Governor of the State of Tyrol Hannes Gschwentner and Prof. Dr. Klaus Lugger, Director of the Neue Heimat Tirol. (Photo: Passive House Institute)

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